Inviting like-minded, heart-centered women to join the coalition of empowered educators.


This is the right place.

It is the right time.

 Congratulations on having the courage to make this world better by making your life a priority!

                            Bhappy again.

The duties and responsibilities of a teacher, not to mention a woman, a mother, and a wife are so overwhelming in this time and age that many are feeling the burden and stepping away from the profession – many of whom are talented, heart-centered, creative teachers and educators who understand that there is so much more to teaching than just passing the test.

You know you’re the woman for the job.

You are inspired to be the change in the lives of children and this world.

You are driven by a higher purpose.

You are driven by the faith of a better tomorrow.


 But, somewhere along the line, amid one too many obstacles, you lost yourself and the sight of your purpose.

 It’s time to revisit that purpose and get back on track.

 It’s not a coincidence.

The sleeping giant in you is waking up.

 It’s time to look into what’s holding you back.

It’s time to recognize your full potential as a woman, an educator, and a human being.

It’s time to reclaim your power.

It’s time to reinvent yourself.

Contact me to book a FREE Discovery call
and find out how to reignite the passion within
and live a more purposeful, empowered, balanced, and happy life once again.


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